Call for Abstracts

As has become the tradition for SWAMP, individual departments will be in charge of putting forth speakers and abstracts from among their graduate students for this year’s GWAMP. We invite presentations of graduate student research that is sufficiently developed for public presentation but that has not yet been presented at a major conference. We ask each participating department to put forth two or three abstracts; ideally, the talks will be evenly divided between semantics-related topics and other topics, though individual departments may put forward unbalanced slates of speakers in accordance with the interests and specializations of their students. Talks will be scheduled in 30-minute slots (i.e. roughly 20 minutes for the talk itself and 10 minutes for questions). We hope to accommodate all who are interested in presenting; if demand outstrips our supply of time, we may include a poster session, with talks vs. posters then determined on the basis of the quality, originality, and degree of completeness of the work.

Please submit your department’s slate of abstracts via email to Nick Fleisher at UWM by Monday, September 15. The GWAMP program will be publicized shortly thereafter.